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How do I create an assignment (exercise)?

In the top tool bar, find "Write." This will drop down with various posting options. To assign work for your students, choose "Create exercise."
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How do I add students to my classroom?

YWP is having teachers create their own classrooms and add their own users. IMPORTANT:  Teachers should use students' REAL email addresses. This allows both ease of uploading user lists AND limited notifications -- when a teacher posts an exercise and when a student gets a comment on his/her work It also ensures errorless creation of users. Read more »

How do I create a classroom?

Click the "My Classroom" Link in the top toolbar. Read more »

How do I change passwords?

How do I log in?

After a username has been created for you (teachers: first initial and last name, conventionally) you can navigate to your site, and click the login button at the right of the top toolbar.
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How do I...

Welcome to the YWP Schools Project HELP page.

We've done our best to answer the questions we most frequently receive, and to provide detailed explanations for the actions that are necessary for using your site.

With the help of these tutorials, you should be able to set up and use your own classroom, and begin to explore the possibilties of the website. Read more »



Details and instructions for some basic functions of the digital classroom.

How do I change my password?

LOG, change your password by hovering over MY BLOG in top toolbar, choose My account drop-down menu and then Edit tab; change your password (and any other personal info). SAVE.


How do I create my classroom? Read more »

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