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Getting Started/Contacts

Getting Started & Contact Info

LOGGING IN: Go to your YWP school site. ( Click LOGIN at top right. Fill in your username (generally, FirstinitialLastname) and password (ywp2014) in the designated fields click “log in.”


WRITE (with drop downs): This link allows users to create a blog. A blog is the basic content type used by students (and by teachers when they are sharing their own writing. Teachers and students can create blogs. Options in the submission form: Read more »


How do I add a profile picture?

Adding a profile picture, or avatar, is simply a matter of editing your account again. Hover your mouse over my blog, and you'll see the drop down menu, including "my account." Go to your account and edit it. Read more »

Creating Multiple Tag Vocabularies

You may find yourself wishing you could divide up your tags into separate categories to make it easier to find stuff. This is done easily enough. Read more »

How do I make use of sprouts?

The sprout function is a cool feature that allows you to respond to a post with a post of your own. It's more than a comment though, because you are actually creating an entire blog post. Read more »

How do I make a webform?

Teachers have the ability to create Webforms, which can be used as a platform for making surveys, quizzes and tests. Read more »

How do I create tags?

There's one more step to either getting your classroom set up initially, or for tweaking it to get it perfect. You need to set up your tag vocabulary or vocabularies. Read more »

How do I use a wiki?

Creating a wiki is simple. It works just like a blog post. Under WRITE you will see Create a Wiki.

Open up the create page, and fill in the pertinent information. Read more »

How do I add pictures to my work?

Similarly to posting audio, when you edit or create a new node you will see an area above the body of your post, made for uploading a single image. Read more »

How do I add audio to my posts?

Once you open a "create" form (create a blog, create an exercise) you will notice a number of options. These options are available when first creating a node, or when editing a pre-existing one. Read more »

How do I respond to an exercise? (create blog post)

A blog post is the primary type of post on the site. If you want to participate in the classroom activities you will need to know how to post a blog. Read more »

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