Having troubles with Direct Record?

The Audio Recorder or  Direct Record function uses Adobe Flash so it's a bit tricky and will not work, sadly, on iPads. The Prezi below, while set up for a different site, will show you the steps to activate the direct record function.

If you have trouble, it also walks you through the steps to fix. Most of the time, the problems are either a) the device (computer, laptop, tablet, etc.) does not have Adobe Flash Reader installed -- solution: install it; it's free -- or b) the device has been set to DENY permission for your ywpschools.net site to use this part of Flash or the default settings denies permission. Solution:

  1. Click this link
  2. Click 'Always Allow' in center
  3. Click 'Edit Location' on right
  4. Enter your school site: [myschool].ywpschools.net
  5. You should be all set.

This Prezi below gives you a full walk through, the only difference being that this was set up for youngwritersproject.org so the visual examples are slightly different than what you see.

Take a look: