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Getting Started & Contact Info

LOGGING IN: Go to your YWP school site. ( Click LOGIN at top right. Fill in your username (generally, FirstinitialLastname) and password (ywp2014) in the designated fields click “log in.”


WRITE (with drop downs): This link allows users to create a blog. A blog is the basic content type used by students (and by teachers when they are sharing their own writing. Teachers and students can create blogs. Options in the submission form:

  • Add Audio: User can upload a “podcast” (.mp3 or .wav audio file) or click ‘audio recorder’ and ‘allow’ on Flash box to record directly and upload to the blog (if using iPads, contact YWP)
  • Add Single Image:  Upload any .jpg, .jpeg, .png or .gif file
    • You can add “descriptions” for any of these files, and they will appear by the file.
  • Title: User MUST create a “Title” which, when possible, should be unique and easily recognizable.
  • Body: Users write their piece in the Body area.
    • Users have spell check or can choose Spell Check as You Write option
    • Users can paste in a photo from another Web site
    • Users can type and it will appear as a hot link
  • ON THE RIGHT are several important fields:
    • Classroom: Most students have no options; if in multiple classrooms, user MUST choose ONE classroom in which the post will go;
    • Tags: is important; this is where the student selects the proper tag for the exercise which will help keep things organized.
    • Publishing options: allows students to UNcheck the box if they are not ready to share their piece
    • Add Gallery: Users can upload multiple images
    • File attachment: Users can upload any attachment (.pdf, .doc, etc.)
    • Save and Continue: Allows students to manually save work and continue working. (Students will be asked, if they haven’t saved work and try to leave the page, whether they really want to do that.)
    • Save: Click this to save and close

WRITE drop down menus include:

  • Create Exercise: Teachers only; similar to blog but should be used for all exercises or assignments; includes special sorts on classroom page (tab at top right), automatic sticky (puts at top of classroom view (NOTE: Edit and uncheck sticky when done with that exercise), and Due date which activates calendar option
  • Create a WikiStudents and teachers can create documents that everyone, or small groups can edit. CanNOT simultaneously edit like a Google Doc but has many uses
  • Create a WebformTeachers only; a kind of Survey Monkey that has many powerful uses for deep polling, quizzes, timed writes, etc.

MY BLOG (with drop downs): Takes user to a list of recent blog posts

  • My account: This is where students can edit their account password. Also provides links to all other work.
  • My work: Takes user to a table of recent content with options to look at comments and attachments

MY CLASSROOM: Takes user to a list of classrooms of which a user is a member

FIND STUFF: Takes users to one location to find and sort material by author or classroom in table, full or portfolio views

FEEDS: (with drop downs for teachers): Takes user to news feeds set up by teachers to bring in RSS content from external news and information services or sites.

  • Drop downs: List, add category of feeds and add individual feeds should be self-explanatory.

ADMINISTER (with dropdown of ‘user import’ and ‘users’): A a link for teachers to connect with certain administrative functions; the most important being users – to edit and add single users – and import users – to upload a .csv file containing your classroom user lists.

  • Note: This year teachers will be setting up their own classrooms. don’t hesitate to contact ywp if you need help:
  1. Create a classroom by clicking CLONE tab on ‘Sample Classroom to Clone.’ Make sure you have CLONED the classroom and not ‘edited’ it; look at title which should say CLONE of Sample Classroom To clone. >> Change title and mission >> ignore boxes >> Save.
  2. Create a three(3)-column spreadsheet with headers: username  |  email  |  password  of your students BY CLASS. Save in Excel as a .csv(MS-DOS) filetype
    1. Username: Please follow privacy conventions by having student usernames be FirstnameL(ast initial) as in GeoffreyG
    2. Email: Please use REAL email addresses. (If not available, call YWP; or you MUST use this email convention to create non-working email addresses: … again, everyone must use if no real email addresses so as to avoid duplicate users. OR CALL YWP for help.)
    3. Password: Give everyone the same password for easy of initial login; have them change password IMMEDIATELY after logging in first time to network password.
  3. Click Import Users (drop-down below ADMINISTER) and choose spreadsheet for individual class to import, click ‘Notify User’ if using real email addresses, AND make sure to check the classroom to which you want them to belong.
    1. NOTE: If adding users individually, you must ALSO give the students (or teachers) the STUDENT (or teacher) role.


YWP (and drop downs): Links to, how to submit to Newspaper Series, the writer’s library and teacher tips.


YWP has three cool optional classroom features:

  1. Classroom Discussion Board: This appears at the top of the classroom page only and is a kind of Facebook-like, 250-character discussion and comment board for you to talk about topics or the classroom-issues or whatever. YWP doesn’t automatically put it in because it’s a feature that needs some thought and direction before students before using.
  2. Six-Word Short Story Widget: This is a fun widget in which students can post six-word stories (or longer if you wish). Lots of things can be done with this. This is not automatically enabled because students tend to use it as a chat space. Again, direction in advance helps.
  3. Hashtags: This feature allows users to create #hashtags, or live free tags that can link similar work. This is tricky as students tend to go wild and it gets pretty messy. However, it is a feature worth using as part of exercises in digital literacy and tagging.

IF you wish any of these features, contact Doug DeMaio: (324-9538).

Getting in Touch with YWP:

Young Writers Project    12 North Street, Suite 8, Burlington, VT 05401

Geoff Gevalt

Founder, Executive Director, Coach

(802) 324-9537


Doug DeMaio

Web Support, Coach

(802) 324-9538


Kate Stein

Administrative Coordinator

(802) 324-9538


Susan Reid

Publications Coordinator

(802) 324-9539




Teacher Coaches

Cindy Faughnan

 (802) 238-5818


Rebecca Cardone


Kathy Folley

 (802) 734-3604


Nick Brooks

 (802) 860-9515



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