How do I add audio to my posts?

Once you open a "create" form (create a blog, create an exercise) you will notice a number of options. These options are available when first creating a node, or when editing a pre-existing one.

Above the body of your post you will notice "Add Audio." When expanded, this little window serves the dual purpose of letting you upload a saved sound file, or letting you record yourself then and there.

To upload a saved audio file, make sure the link for "upload" is selected. Click in the box, and select a file from anywhere on your computer. Double click the proper file, and then click the blue "upload" button. Make sure to save your post before leaving the page.

To record your self directly, select the link that says "Audio Recorder." Now you should have a red "record" button displayed. Click it to begin recording.

For some, you will need to give permission for the site to access your computer's microphone. A window will pop up asking if you want to allow the site to access your microphone. Click "remember" and then click "allow" (so that you won't have to give permission each time you want to record).

Now you will see the counter below the "record" button appear. After a second, it will start ticking, to let you know that it is recording. Speak into your microphone, and click the record button again when you are finished.

If you are satisfied with the recording, click the blue "upload" button. Make sure to save the post as well, or you will lose your recording!

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