How do I add students to my classroom?

YWP is having teachers create their own classrooms and add their own users. IMPORTANT:  Teachers should use students' REAL email addresses. This allows both ease of uploading user lists AND limited notifications -- when a teacher posts an exercise and when a student gets a comment on his/her work It also ensures errorless creation of users.

The first step in this process is to create a Windows Comma Separated .csv file (choose .csv file type when saving your Excel spread sheet) containing Three columns with headers: Username | Email | Password.  NOTE: If you do not write "username," "email," and "password" at the tops of each column, the import will not work. Do not add spaces or dashes to any of the headers.

Username should be FirstnameL(astinitial) as in GeorgeW ... The Email should be student's real school email ... The Password is temporary and can be the same for everyone; have your students change it as soon as they log in.

Again, you can save your three-col spreadsheet as a CSV file using Exel or other spreadsheet programs. Go to "Save as" and select .csv file type from the drop down menu.

Once you have created this .csv file,  you are ready to import them as Users.

In the top toolbar, hover over "Administer." That will bring out a drop-down menu, with the option of "Import Users." Click "import users."

You will see an option to "import file." Browse your files and select your new CSV file.

Then, scroll down and check the box 'Notify users' AND check the box next to the classroom(s) of which you want your students to be part.

Click "next" at the bottom of the page.

If your file was formatted correctly, you should be looking at a "preview" of the students you want to import. The Importer will be automatic from here. Click "Import Users." (FYI, if you are uploading a user who already exists, it will merely add that user to the new classroom you've created and checked off ONLY IF you are all using the school email addresses.)

You can now check in your classroom and see all of your users.