How do I...

Welcome to the YWP Schools Project HELP page.

We've done our best to answer the questions we most frequently receive, and to provide detailed explanations for the actions that are necessary for using your site.

With the help of these tutorials, you should be able to set up and use your own classroom, and begin to explore the possibilties of the website.

Some tutorials are pertinent to getting teachers set up, and we suggest that you watch them before trying to dive right into the site. Starting from video one, "How do I log in?", and following through "How do I create an exercise/assignment?", should be enough for you to really start utilizing the website efficiently.

If you ever have any more questions or concerns you can always call or email Doug Demaio, YWP Schools Project support person:

p. (802) 324-9538


Thank you!

The YWP Staff